"I AM"Affirmations Candle

"I AM"Affirmations Candle

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I, Manifest.

Add a unique and special touch to your morning routine. Use this candle during indoor exercises, stay focused for work and be present. Emanating from it, the best of exciting aroma that slowly fills your space and brings you into the land of your dreams. 

Choose your favorite candle to express deeply what you say in your mind as you affirm them with your mouth and your actions. Establish a deeper connection with your desires using this affirmation candle. Become who you are meant to be, one affirmation at a time!

  • 6.5 oz. Candle in a black metal vessel
  • 18 Wooden Affirmation Magnets in a velvet bag

Scents and Notes: 

Cashmere Dreamscitrus, black cherry + plum, and vanilla + freesia + sugar + light musk + amber notes

Mood Lifterjasmine + pear + vanilla notes

Illumination - green citrus + lemon + orange and herbal + sweet + sharp fresh greenery notes