Affirmations Puzzle and Wall Art Bundle

Affirmations Puzzle and Wall Art Bundle

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Growth Personified!

Artistic craftsmanship meets positivity with the “I AM” Affirmations Puzzle and Wall Art combo, made especially for your daily self-upliftment!

Embodying a selection of inspirational words that remind you of your self-worth, these pieces will brighten up your space and mind! Put them up in your office or home to inspire, and watch their elegance add a natural feel to your décor simultaneously. Each piece of the puzzle holds a purposeful, thoughtful word to motivate your growth and self-love whiles the wall art portrays your growth for all to admire!

The most thoughtful gift to be cherished for years to come, this set constantly reminds any queen in your life of their value! Let this be the first thing you see in the morning to set your day right with zeal!



  • Growth Emphasizing design
  • Handmade with Love
  • Inspiring Wall Art + Easy-to-Arrange Puzzle
  • Perfect for Gifting