"I AM" Spiritual Puzzle

"I AM" Spiritual Puzzle

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Build Up Your Spirit!

Wake up every day to the promises of God that make you stronger and stronger! This ‘I AM’ spiritual affirmations puzzle does more than affirm who you are, it touches your spirit right through your soul. Let this wooden masterpiece reflect the masterpiece you were made to be!

One to drive away the demons, gift this to a highly spiritual queen and watch her blossom in love, peace and joy. What a blessing! The perfect wooden pieces fitting into the perfect curly hair of a strong praying woman simply has to be God's plan!

A prayer tablet for every praying sister, this puzzle is sure to transform your soul and spirit, giving you more reasons to keep walking and to stay blessed and anchored!


  • Inspiring and Uplifting Design
  • Fun and Easy to Arrange
  • Perfect for Gifting
  • 5” or 8" Square Size