Zodiac Gift Set

Zodiac Gift Set

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Inspire and nurture your Zodiac. You are unique, special. Heck! You are eternal. Your very being has transcended the ages, and today is YOU. Your spirit can only see the light. Let our largest collection of all things your sign give you the confidence to be YOU, as you put together this puzzle.

Not so easy and not so hard. Just like you. This pack contains a special puzzle for each zodiac sign, a guide to show you the way, and a stamp with an ink pad so that your mark can be left behind, indelibly on the world. So that everyone will know you were here. 

Enjoy it with friends and family as you carry it in a sleek and portable pouch to carry the entire bundle. Now you can reach for the stars, the universe.


Zodiac Puzzle and Stand so you can affirm

Zodiac Guide Book to help you explore the best things about you.

Zodiac Stamp and Ink Pad to leave your mark

Zodiac Magnet and Pin so you can represent

All inside a Zodiac pouch so you can carry it wherever you go!

Our largest collection of all things with your sign!! Treat yourself or a loved one with this Zodiac Sign Gift Bundle. 


  • Inspiring and Uplifting Design
  • Sustainably-Sourced Plywood Material
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Perfect for Gifting
  • 5” or 8" Square Size